Matthew Graybosch

“All you need is a day job and a dream...”

Stuff I Use

Here’s a summary of the hardware and software I use outside my day job. Inspired by


type device release
main desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre M92P   2012
backup desktop   Apple iMac G4 2003
main laptop Lenovo ThinkPad T60 2007
backup laptop Apple Macbook 2009
smartphone Moto G5+ 2017
music player Mibao M500 2020
word processor AlphaSmart 3000 2002
console Sony PlayStation 4 2013


type application
operating system OpenBSD
window manager cwm
shell ksh
terminal emulator   xterm
text editor GNU Emacs, nvi
web browser Firefox ESR, lynx
gemini browser lagrange
mail client Claws Mail
video player mpv
music player rockout
music tagger Ex Falso
IRC client catgirl
file sync unison
Mastodon client tootstream
IRC client catgirl
file manager dired (in Emacs), ranger
office suite LibreOffice