Terms of Use

This 'terms of use' page is the closest you're likely to get to legalese here. I'll try to keep it short for everybody's sake.


Any original content I post here remains my intellectual property under US law and international treaty. However, you are welcome to use it under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. This license allows you to to share copies or modifications for non-commercial use as long as you give me credit and allow others to do the same.

If I use other people's work on this website, it will be with attribution. If you think I have used your work without proper attribution, please email me with the URL and I will either correct the attribution or remove the material at my discretion.


I do not collect personal data. This site does not use any JavaScript at all, and it does not set cookies.

However, this site is hosted by Dreamhost and they collect HTTP server logs. While they claim to be GDPR compliant, you should review their privacy policy.