Slackware 15 pre-release on a Thinkpad T60

I tried installing Slackware -current using the ISO image prepared by AlienBob on the T60 Thinkpad that I used to carry around for writing pre-COVID. Not really using it for much else at the moment, so I figured: why not?

I got lucky with today’s ISO; everything installed correctly. The default graphical desktop is KDE Plasma on Wayland. Unfortunately, the Wayland graphics stack still doesn’t work on my T60 since its ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 graphics hardware still isn’t supported. This is a known issue that Red Hat apparently can’t be bothered to fix.

That’s fine; I can’t be bothered to migrate away from to Wayland until the latter supports all my hardware—including the ancient-by-comparison Nvidia GeForce chipset in my 2003 iMac.

Hell, does Wayland even compile on 32bit PowerPC hardware? Probably not. LOL