Leaving the Cult; or, Getting Free of Toxic Tech Culture

Valerie Aurora’s post on leaving a toxic tech culture is absolutely brilliant, and everybody who works in tech should read it.

That’s right, everybody. Not just people working in Silicon Valley or for a startup. Everybody. I’ve worked for twenty years as a developer without ever setting foot in the Valley, but the attitudes Ms. Aurora decries are not local to Silicon Valley.

They’re everywhere, and I’m honestly starting to think that the tech industry has crossed the Ripley Threshold. If there’s no such thing as a non-toxic tech culture in the US, then there’s only one way to fix the US tech industry.

still from Aliens
“I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

It’s time we bit the hands that feed us poison and expect us to be grateful to be fed at all. Every day is a good day to unionize and strike. They need us; we don’t need them. Without our labor, the whole rotten system collapses.

Wobbly propaganda: the pyramid of the capitalist system
The Wobblies were right in 1911 and they’re still right today.