Goodbye, WTPA.

Pennsylvania recently lost the last local radio station worth listening to, WTPA. It had too many ads, but when they played music they played good stuff: classic and recent hard rock and heavy metal.

I don’t listen to FM radio often, but when I did this was my go-to station. At least, it used to be. I found out that they’ve sold out to Educational Media Foundation, and have since switched to a “Christian adult contemporary” format.

As if there aren’t enough Christian stations on the air already. First all the classical music stations go offline, and now I can’t find a decent radio station for metalheads? It’s almost as if the world is daring me to get into pirate radio…

Well, no. I’ll be a good metalhead and get my FCC license. That way I can call my station WPRV: Privateer Radio (pirate radio with a license to thrill).

Joe Satriani: What Happens Next

#nowplaying What Happens Next by Joe Satriani: a solid batch of instrumental Satch boogies that will take repeated listens to fully appreciate.

Cover art for Joe Satriani's What Happens Next album
Cover art for Joe Satriani’s What Happens Next album

Given time I think it’ll grow on me, but at the moment I think Unstoppable Momentum (2013) was Joe Satriani’s last excellent album. This one, like Shockwave Supernova (2015), is good but not at the same level as his classics.

Of course, if I want The Extremist (1992) or Surfing with the Alien (1987) I know exactly where to find them.