Decision Code

Conflict, an industrial metal act from Moscow, Russia has their entire 2019 album Decision Code available on YouTube. I heard about it from Eris on SpaceHey.

Click the image to play Conflict’s Decision Code album on YouTube…

Decision Code is a concept album set in 2048. The world seems to finally be ready for change, but human beings don’t change easily and keep trying to build yet another utopia.

This is a good album if you like industrial metal. The production’s clean, and the music is tight with plenty of variety. While I’m not too keen on the harsher male vocals, there are also clean male and female vocals.

If you can spare the cash, I recommend buying Decision Code on Bandcamp. $10 will get you the digital version, but if you want the story and lyrics it might be worthwhile to spring for the $20 digipak edition.