I Think Death Note is a Comedy

I finally got around to watching Death Note (the anime) and even though it’s not supposed to be a comedy I can’t help myself, mainly because I know a lot of infosec types who watch it and love to point out all the ways Light Yagami screws up and gives himself away to anybody who isn’t constrained by the plot to refrain from spotting the actual clues (for example, there’s gwern’s Death Note: L, Anonymity & Eluding Entropy.)

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What these people don’t seem to get is the Light wants to be recognized. What’s the point of being “the god of a new world” if nobody recognizes and worships you? He just has to be make do with being recognized and worshiped as “Kira”. Also, even though they’re supposed to be gods of death, shinigami like Ryuk remind me more of the Lords of Chaos from Michael Moorcock’s fantasy novels featuring emo (before emo) antiheroes like Elric and Corum.

After all, this whole thing started because Ryuk (who might as well be an aspect of Moorcock’s Arioch) was bored and decided to drop a perfect murder weapon into the human world (with instructions in English) just to see who would pick it up and try to use it. He might not have expected a bored teenage sociopath to be the one to find it, but he’s certainly having a grand old time.

There’s also all that stuff about the “real Kira”, and since ‘Kira’ is supposed to come from ‘killer’, I can’t help but remember when O. J. Simpson stood trial for murder and swore he’d find the “real killer”.