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Blackened Phoenix

The next Starbreaker novel, set soon after the events of Without Bloodshed, is coming soon. Bookmark this page to keep an eye on my progress. I might even serialize the rough draft here. :)

The Truth is a Weapon

What will Morgan do when he finally learns the truth about the Phoenix Society, and his own inhuman nature?

The Truth Won’t Set Them Free

Morgan Stormrider and his friends seek the truth about the Phoenix Society and its corruption at the hands of Isaac Magnin, but what if their search only serves Magnin’s purpose? Every clue tests their resolve and threatens to shatter their beliefs.

While they build their case, a long-imprisoned enemy gathers strength and prepares to shatter its bonds with the help of a traitor to Magnin’s cause and an android that never learned to be human. Once freed, it will rain apocalyptic fury upon humans and asuras alike.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Society itself is paralyzed by a series of stochastic terrorist attacks inspired by a figure identified only by the handle “Mastema”. While Isaac Magnin pivots to ensure Morgan and his friends continue to serve his ends as they investigate the Mastema case, his fellow Disciples of the Watch conspire against him.

The clandestine war for the future of intelligent life on Earth threatens to erupt anew. The Antarctic domed city of Asgard, testament to both humanity’s pre-Nationfall technological prowess and its second Renaissance, will be the epicenter. Will Morgan and the others comprehend the real threat in time to save the people of Asgard?

Teaser Cover for Blackened Phoenix

Artwork commissioned from S. A. Hunt by the author

Production Diary

Read these for detailed updates as I work on Blackened Phoenix. Get in on the ground floor and follow a novelist’s progress from pre-writing to publication.