Find Me on Mastodon or Lose Me Forever

posted at 1:13 PM on 04/14/2017

I’m over on Mastodon now, using the instance as @starbreaker

I might create my own instance soon, and migrate there. Once I have, I will delete all of my other social profiles. This means I’ll be dumping Facebook, Google+, Ello, Twitter, etc.

Why? Centralized and corporate-owned social media is nothing but a series of failed attempts by a bunch of arrogant and otherwise useless nerds to reduce human social interaction to something they can stuff into a relational database and manipulate with SQL. They do it so they can help rich assholes get even richer by collecting data on people, selling it, and shoving ads in their faces.

Why should I put up with that any longer, just to have a social media presence that might help me connect with readers? It’s not worth it.