Status Updates

In addition to my main blog, where you might find posts that take over ten minutes to read, I also have a microblog where I post shorter updates and share links, pictures, and videos.

Find Me on Mastodon or Lose Me Forever

I’m over on Mastodon now, using the instance as @starbreaker

I might create my own instance soon, and migrate there. Once I have, I will delete all of my other social profiles. This means I’ll be dumping Facebook, Google+, Ello, Twitter, etc.

Why? Centralized and corporate-owned social media is nothing but a series of failed attempts by a bunch of arrogant and otherwise useless nerds to reduce human social interaction to something they can stuff into a relational database and manipulate with SQL. They do it so they can help rich assholes get even richer by collecting data on people, selling it, and shoving ads in their faces.

Why should I put up with that any longer, just to have a social media presence that might help me connect with readers? It’s not worth it.

Fun with Jekyll Dates

Note to self: posts aren’t showing up any longer because their date field has a value five hours behind UTC to match New York time, but it should be UTC-4 when Daylight Savings Time is in effect.

Since the timezone config variable is set to “America/New_York”, let’s try not defining an offset at all.

Priorities? What are those?

My wife and I haven’t finished unpacking the stuff we brought from our old apartment into our new house, but I am now the proud owner of a 50s-vintage Underwood typewriter.

Apparently it still works, since it came with a sheet of paper on which the auctioneer had bashed out some sample text, but you could see the text fading as it went on. So it needs a new ribbon at the bare minimum.

Ideally, I’d like to truck it down to Philly Typewriter and get it restored.

Was Saruman a Cunning Linguist?

We’ll never know what Galadriel thought of Saruman’s silver tongue, because what happens in Lothlorien stays in Lothlorien.

Technology Didn't Make You Lonely

If people would rather hide behind screens than interact with you, the screens might not be the problem. Blame yourself first.

Sometimes a Joke Can Kill

You might think it’s just a joke, but sometimes jokes take on lives of their own and become deadly serious.

X-men comics panel

Colossus on discrimination (X-Men: Years of Future Past #1)

Like a pie in the face, the joke is never as funny when the joke’s on you.

A Taste of Bitter Memories

When I was a kid, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were a punishment food, something you got stuck eating if you came to school without lunch money or a bagged lunch – or had them stolen from you. Any kid seen eating PB&J at school when I was growing up was fair game for bullying.

I would go hungry at school rather than admit I didn’t have lunch or money to buy lunch, but I don’t mind eating PB&J sandwiches now because they’re cheap and filling. They’d taste better without the memories, though.

Test Micro-Blog Post

This is a test micro-blog post that should get rendered with Jekyll on my status page and syndicated using an Atom feed. With any luck it will be compatible with the project that Manton Reece is pushing on Kickstarter.