Matthew Graybosch
a cynical idealist, sf author, and full-stack developer

Introducing the Starbreaker Saga

I’ve been working on the Starbreaker Saga since I was eighteen, slowly developing and refining it from a pastiche into an original work. I’ve published two novels from the saga (Without Bloodshed and Silent Clarion) before taking a break from writing to help my wife in her struggle against breast cancer.

Now that she’s recovered, I’m going fully independent and bringing my work to Patreon as a series of novellas and short stories written using free & open-source software and released under a Creative Commons license.

What is the Starbreaker Saga? (Short Version)

A soul-searching android rock star and a swashbuckling soprano catgirl struggle against government corruption and fight demons from outer space with a lot of help from their friends: a recovering alcoholic sniper, an arms inspector who would rather be a family man, a gray-hat hacker, a rogue AI researcher, a big fluffy tuxedo cat who can play Texas Hold ‘Em (but can’t bluff), and a wizard in a gray suit who never tells the whole truth.

What is the Starbreaker Saga? (Long Version)

The Starbreaker Saga is a science fantasy epic featuring a diverse and psychologically complex cast written by a fan for fans of:

  • science fiction and fantasy by Michael Moorcock, Catherine L. Moore, Celia S. Friedman, C. J. Cherryh, Jacqueline Carey, Carol Berg, Roger Zelazny, Max Gladstone, Leigh Brackett, Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, George Alec Effinger, or Robert Heinlein.
  • heavy metal bands like Judas Priest, Queensrÿche, Iron Maiden, Within Temptation, or the Blue Öyster Cult.
  • classic Japanese video games like Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei, Parasite Eve, Metal Gear Solid, Xenogears, Phantasy Star, Vagrant Story, or Rockman.
  • comics and manga like The Authority, Preacher, Hellboy, Gunnm, Ghost in the Shell, or The Boys.
  • magazines like Heavy Metal, Metal Hurlant, Epic Illustrated, or Omni
  • movies like Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China, They Live, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, The Matrix, Equilibrium, The Fifth Element, Spaceballs, or This is Spinal Tap.

While I refer to my work as science fantasy for convenience, the Starbreaker Saga also incorporates the following themes/genres:

  • ancient astronauts
  • conspiracies
  • cyberpunk
  • dystopia
  • post-apocalypse
  • solarpunk

Since I write for myself first and my wife a close second, there’s also a fair amount of romance.

“Is this a kissing book?”

Damn right it is.

Is the Starbreaker Saga appropriate for all readers?

The Starbreaker Saga contains the following content, which may not be appropriate for children or for certain adult readers.

  • murder
  • corruption
  • abuses of power (including sexual assault)
  • consensual sex
  • profanity
  • bigotry
  • anti-religious sentiment
  • anti-capitalist sentiment
  • anti-war sentiment

I do not necessarily agree with everything my characters say, or condone everything they do. Reader discretion (and parental discretion in the case of young readers) is strongly advised.

Will the Starbreaker Saga be Available in Print?

Old editions of selected works from the Starbreaker Saga are already available in print, but may be hard to find. Please look for the following titles published by Curiosity Quills Press on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble:

If enough people support me, I’ll be able to hire editors and artists to produce new print editions–and autographed copies with the inscription of your choice.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or constructive comments, please email me. I may reply directly to you, or if I think your message might be of interest to other readers I will answer with a new blog post.