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Starbreaker: Heavy Metal Science Fantasy

Welcome to the home page for my Starbreaker project, a science fantasy saga inspired by progressive rock and heavy metal. I’ve been working on it since 1996, and I’m finally doing what I should have done almost twenty years ago. That’s right: it’s all going online, no matter how rough. Enjoy it, learn from it if you can, and tell your friends about it.

Starbreaker: the Main Sequence

Part 1: Without Bloodshed

Part 2: Unconquered Lightbringer

Starbreaker: the Preludes

Silent Clarion

Starbreaker: the Fun-Sized Stories

Starbreaker: the Original Novel

Starbreaker: the Design Works





Science & Technology



Starbreaker: the FAQ

This is where I’ll eventually answer frequently asked questions like, “What were you smoking when you wrote this?” and “Did you write this with one hand in your pants?”

View the Starbreaker FAQ