This is a brief, public resume for a journeyman software developer. If you require a more detailed version, email me.


I am not looking for work at the moment. Please do not contact me about "exciting opportunities" unless we've already worked together.

Value Proposition

I design, build, debug, and provide devops support for CRUD applications. Chances are that your product talks to a database, and may also do batch processing and generate reports. Whether it's a desktop, mobile, or Web application you want me on your team.

Other developers talk about being full stack, but I'm the real deal. I'll tune your database queries, debug your business logic in the backend, and then fix your AJAX calls from the front end. And if my calendar isn't clogged with meetings, I'll make sure the deployment runs smoothly too.

Other developers claim to be 10X developers and let their egos cut checks their asses can't cash. I'm the one who delivers on their promises. When they don't have the time or patience to implement a complex feature or debug an issue that only occurs at midnight on the summer solstice under the light of a full moon, I'm the professional who rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done.

Work History

A brief overview of where I've worked and when.
Company Period
my current day job 2015-present
TEKsystems 2011-2015
Computer Aid, Inc. 2010-2011
Conduit Internet Technologies 2009-2010
Quality Data Service, Inc. 2000-2009

Note to Recruiters

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