Matthew Graybosch
author by choice, techie by necessity

Your Privacy

I will always honor your privacy because it's the right thing to do….

Always Ad Free

I'm not worried about making money from website visitors because I have this magical thing called a day job. It pays a sufficient salary that I'm not worried about coming up with $25/year for domain registration and $10/month for hosting.

I run this website for my own amusement, and because it occasionally leads to an interesting conversation. As far as I'm concerned, the entire advertising industry and everybody associated with it should be banished to the outer darkness to serve as chew toys for Azathoth.

No Trackers or Third Parties

I don't use any analytics packages or third-party scripts. I have no interest in collecting data about my guests. Securing such data is a headache I don't need.

No JavaScript

I do not use any JavaScript on my website, because JavaScript runs in your browser and your computing resources are not mine to use.


No need to support this website. The salary I get from my day job pays the bills.

If you really want to help me quit my day job, you can donate via LiberaPay.

This page was inspired by Bradley Taunt's privacy policy