Privacy Policy

I’m going to try to keep this simple, since I’m not a lawyer.


The only advertising you’ll see on this site are products and services manually linked to by me. These may, at my sole discretion, be affiliate links.


This is a WordPress site, so there’s a shitload of JavaScript. With that proviso, please be assured that under no circumstance will this site attempt to run any of the following:

  • Third-party advertising
  • Analytics provided by Google, Facebook, etc (See the “Data Collection” section for details)
  • Cryptocurrency miners


This website will create cookies if you create an account, such as when you attempt to leave comments.

Data Collection

This website collects some personal data via HTTP server logs. Logs are rotated and stored according to Dreamhost‘s policies.

This website also collects site stats via Jetpack by WordPress. This data cannot be used to track or identify you.

Warrant Canary

No local, state, or Federal law enforcement agency has demanded access to this site’s logs to date – which is almost disappointing.

EU GDPR Compliance

This site is run by a US citizen and hosted in the US. I have no interest in collecting personal information about my guests, but I am under no obligation to comply with EU regulations.