Never the Heroes

This is to be the first in a new sequence of Starbreaker novels. It is my hope that Never the Heroes will be tighter, more focused, and more accessible to readers than my previous attempts.


In the year 21XX, 64 years after Nationfall, humanity has clawed their way back from the brink of extinction to spark a second Renaissance and a great migration into space. But the new utopia has a soft black underbelly. Tyranny and corruption continue to flourish despite the efforts of the Phoenix Society’s Human Rights Defense Corps, and Morgan Armitage would have it no other way.

A world without exploitation or abuses of power is a world in which Morgan would have to put away his sword. Indeed, the world in which Morgan lives is one with no use for Morgan’s bloodlust, but elements within the Society have always found uses for people willing to bloody their hands for a greater good.

These subversive elements were happy to let Morgan do their dirty work, secure in the knowledge that they could expose the manner in which he abused his position and brand him a traitor, until others they thought to discard in similar fashion rebelled against their fate. Now Morgan stands accused of being a murderer with a badge, a contract killer for those who subvert the Phoenix Society’s mission for their own ends.

Morgan’s life is one built upon lies, and their weight is poised to come crashing down upon him. The only way he can save himself and his friends – let alone live up to his own ideals – is to face the truth of his nature and purpose and be the hero he was designed to be.


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