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New Page: "Bullshit"

I have a dedicated page for my usual bullshit now.

Rewrite of "When FOSS Users Attack"

I've rewritten "When FOSS Users Attack" to be more coherent and slightly less of a rant.

New Page Concerning Bad FOSS User Feedback

I've created a new page under tech called When FOSS Users Attack. It's a bit of a rant, as well as an unpleasant trip down memory lane.

Tech Page

I've added an index for tech-related pages since it'll soon be necessary.

Bitten by the SNI Bug

I recently learned that if you post a link that has a trailing dot like <>, which can happen if you share a naked link like <> in a sentence and immediately follow with a period (to end the sentence), bad things happen.

Homepage Update

I've expanded the contents of my home page and added links to a web ring. Remember those?

More Links

Due to popular demand, I'm still adding to my links page.

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2019! No doubt your new year has already started, but midnight came and went for me less than an hour ago.

Links Page

I'm adding a links page to help promote personal websites and the open web. If you have a personal website, I want to hear about it – especially if you're a writer, an artist, a musician, or an open source developer.

Please send email to or reply to this Pleroma post and tell me about your site, especially if you built it by hand or using a static site generator.

Stylesheet Update

I've adjusted the background and text colors in the stylesheet a bit. It should look a little nicer. One of these days, though, I should convert the standard stylesheet that Org mode's publisher exports to SASS so I'm not changing fonts and colors piecemeal.

New "Site News" Page

Instead of having a blog, I'm doing something different. When I create or update a page, I'll record it on the "Site News" page Org export should still generate a RSS feed for this page, allowing syndication of updates.

New "Home" Page

I've got a new home page up. Nothing fancy.