Matthew Graybosch
a cynical idealist, sf author, and full-stack developer

An Affirmation

I’m going to say to you some of the things I’ve needed people to say to me over the years. Maybe they did, and I just wasn’t ready to hear it.

You did not ask to be brought into this life, into the realm of Saṃsāra, and there is no redressing this injustice. But now that you are here, there are some things you should know.

Your life belongs to you.

Your mind is your own.

Your body is your own.

What you do with your life should be your decision, and yours alone.

You should not have to justify your existence to anybody.

You should not have to devote the majority of your life to making the rich richer.

Nor should the purpose of your childhood be preparation to prove that you are worthy of being given the “privilege” of working to enrich the already wealthy.

Nobody has the right to rule over you, especially not when they have enough trouble governing themselves.

Your parents named you for their convenience. You are not obligated to keep the name you were given in infancy. You have the right to mark your adulthood by declaring your own name and identity.

Just as you have the right to choose your name, you have the right to choose your gender, your religion, and your own ethics and ideals of how society should be governed.

Your sexuality is your own, because your mind and body are your own. You are not obligated to label or explain your sexuality for anybody else’s convenience.

You are not obligated to pretend your brain is wired like those of most people around you if it isn’t. If you feel forced to try to mask your differences, I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have to do that.

Even if people tell you you’re lying to yourself about who you are, ignore them. The lie you tell yourself is the lie that defines you.

The world is yours, for it belongs to everybody and you are no less worthy than the rest of us. Take what you want from life, in accordance with the one law worth obeying:

Do what you will, so long as it harms none.

(PS: None of the above applies to fascists, Nazis, or racial supremacists. They have the right to fuck off and die.)

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