Hello Again, World

I’ve come back to WordPress again after too many wasted years of reinventing the wheel.

I’m Matthew Graybosch, a long-haired metalhead from New York who codes for a living and writes bad science fantasy on his lunch breaks. You might have heard of me. You might remember me from various social media sites. You might have worked with me. You might have met me at a convention. You might even have dated me when I was a much younger man (and if so, I’m sorry).

I’m writing this post because I’ve punched the reset button this site yet again—but hopefully for the last time. I’ve wasted the last few years under the delusion that having a more minimalistic website—one that eschewed all JavaScript and most styling—was better than just making do with a well-tested and mostly reliable website builder like WordPress. I drank the static site generator Flavor Aid—along with several varieties of the social media Flavor Aid.

I still have a lot of the stuff I posted on various versions of my website, and may bring most of it back if it seems relevant. If there’s something in particular you’d like to see brought back, please use the contact page to let me know.

This isn’t a blog about anything in particular. It’s just my website, where I post about whatever interests me. I’ll try to keep things neatly categorized so that if you’re only interested in some of the stuff I post you can avoid the rest. However, some of the stuff I post might not be appropriate to read at work, and it might not be suitable for all audiences.

Comments are welcome, but please bear in mind that this website is private property. It’s my website, I pay the bills, and I set the rules. I reserve the right to delete comments and ban commenters at my sole discretion. First time commenters won’t see their comments appear until I approve them.