Matthew Graybosch — author of Without Bloodshed and Silent Clarion


Here's where I indulge in my usual bullshit. Expect delusions of erudition, random thoughts and occasional rants on a variety of topics that I am not qualified to have opinions about. If I wanted to be intellectually dishonest, I'd call this my "philosophy" page, but it's nothing so dignified.

Frankfurtian Bullshit
Princeton philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt defines bullshit as speech intended to persuade regardless of truth or falsehood.
Being An Ally
I don't think of myself as an ally. You shouldn't think of me as an ally, either. Keep reading if you want to know why.
Blasphemy and Atheism
I think it's perfectly logical to be an atheist, though you might find my premises a bit strange. You'll also find that I don't always let logic rule me.