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BSD: the Berkeley Software Distribution

Making daemons work for you since 1978!

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What’s BSD? It’s the Berkeley Software Distribution, a variation on AT&T UNIX™ initially developed at the Berkeley campus of the University of California.

I’ve used a variety of BSD operating systems over the years:

  • SunOS 3.x
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • MacOS X (based on Darwin (based on FreeBSD))
  • OpenBSD
  • Cell OS (PS3 firmware, based on FreeBSD and NetBSD)
  • Orbis OS (PS4 firmware, based on FreeBSD)

There’s more about my experiences with BSD in “I Want My BSD” if you’re interested.

However, it doesn’t mention that I’m also a BSD gamer. If your primary console is a PS3, a PS4, or a Nintendo Switch then you too are a BSD gamer! You just might not have known it.

When you’re ready to try using BSD for more than just games, there are plenty of people willing to help.

Apps I’ve Written for BSD

a replacement for redshift built with POSIX shell, core utilities, and sct

BSD Resources

an introduction to BSD with stories from BSD users around the world

a BSD with a strong emphasis on secure, correct code

a BSD with a strong emphasis on portability and broad architecture support

a general-purpose BSD boasting a large install base and the largest collection of ported applications

Dragonfly BSD
a BSD designed specifically for massive scaling and high-performance computing

a BSD user group based in New York City
a friendly Mastodon instance for BSD users

SDF Public Access Unix System
a long-running NetBSD installation offering free shell accounts

OpenBSD Resources

OpenBSD Journal
a site dedicated to providing news and information of interest to members of the OpenBSD community

Mastering the Web
a guide indie web developers using OpenBSD, by Roman Zolotarev