What's G. R. Matthews worried about?

less than a minute to read · books · posted at 12:00 AM on 03/21/2016

I’m not sure what G. R. Matthews is worried about. He’s better known than I am, with mentions on Fantasy Faction and SF Signal. He’s also got three books out to my one.

And his experience with The Stone Road parallels my experience with Without Bloodshed.

The Stone Road came out to universal invisibility. A few picked it up, read it and I got some reviews. Go me! I didn’t expect much more and it was enough. Writing was fun and though The Stone Road has an ending, and you can leave it there (please don’t), I knew the story went on.

But it wounds like he wishes he’d hear more from his readers.

After all, you’d want to, wouldn’t you? The money is nice (would be nice, if I sold a hell of a lot more books), but talking to people who enjoy the fruits of all those hours spent hunched over a notebook, computer, research books (google and wiki these days) makes it all worthwhile.

Welcome to my life, buddy. I wouldn’t mind hearing more from my fans. I know I’ve got a few; and I love ‘em all like a cat loves its people. In the meantime, we authors just have to hang in there and keep writing.

Seriously though, if you enjoyed our books, please take a few minutes to tell your friends about us. We need every bit of help we can get.