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Some Day Perfect

This might be my fault. I know David Heath, the man behind Some Day Perfect, from my day job. He played a rough cut of a song he was working on for me while we were having lunch. It wasn’t to my taste, but I could still tell that it was good and that others might get something out of it, so I encouraged him to give his music the time it needs.

All I did was give him the permission to focus on creation that many artists need but never get.

While memorizing the album and learning Simple Plan’s fan base, Heath pondered how many of those fans were dealing with horrendously battered backgrounds. “I have to help these kids”, said Heath, continuing, “Like anyone, I’ve dealt with some dysfunctionality in my life, but nothing like these kids”. Heath began writing songs to offer hope and encouragement to kids from broken homes.

This music wasn’t around when I was a kid struggling with abuse, and maybe it if had been I might not have needed heavy metal. Maybe I could have held onto hope instead of seeking the power underneath despair.

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