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Matthew Cox

I know Matthew Cox from when we both published work through Curiosity Quills Press. I’ve read many of his Divergent Fates cyberpunk novels, and he not only read my Starbreaker novels but edited the complete Silent Clarion for publication as a novel.

He writes and publishes a lot faster than I do, and I envy him the ease with which he belts out novels.

Originally from South Amboy NJ, Matthew has been creating science fiction and fantasy worlds for most of his reasoning life. Since 1996, he has developed the “Divergent Fates” world, in which Division Zero, Virtual Immortality, The Awakened Series, The Harmony Paradox, and the Daughter of Mars series take place. Along with freelance editing, he has worked in IT and technical support.

Matthew is an avid gamer, a recovered WoW addict, developer of two custom RPG systems (paper & dice), and a fan of anime, British humour, and intellectual science fiction that questions the nature of reality, life, and what happens after it.

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