The Only Superhero Who's Explicitly Anti-Fascist?

1 minutes to read · resistance · posted at 12:12 AM on 02/04/2017

I found this on Reddit a little while ago and thought, “hell yeah”. So I decided to share it here with attribution and a link back to where I found it. Captain America is pretty much the only superhero I can really get behind these days, which is strange because he isn’t metal.

He would make a good Adversary, for those of you who have read my Starbreaker stories and know what that means. Why? Because he honestly would stand up for people like the protesters pictured below.

Captain America: a real patriot

Art by Tom Hodges (Source: Imgur)

I’m probably wrong, but I think that Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Captain America is probably one of the only popular superheroes to have been explicitly conceived as an ardent anti-fascist, despite pisodes of goose-stepping prompted by Marvel to goose sales.

Iron Man’s no good. Sure, Tony Stark’s trying to atone for starting rich and getting even richer as part of the military-industrial complex, but he’s still a little too comfortable with authoritarianism.

What about Superman? Like Frank Miller wrote in The Dark Knight Returns, Clark Kent’s a big blue Boy Scout willing to say yes to anybody in authority.

And let’s not even get started on Batman. If Bruce Wayne was serious about cleaning up Gotham he’d kill the Joker and go after the real criminals: the ones who actually run shit.

Who else is there? The only other superhero I can think of who is anti-fascist at the conceptual level is probably Wonder Woman. However, her anti-fascism is second to her feminism. Which is probably as it should be.

I can’t think of any other explicitly anti-fascist superheroes. If you can think of any, please link to this post and write your own blog post. Then drop me an email so I can read it. :cat: