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Terry Pratchett: 1948-2015

Posted on: 03/12/2015 · Estimated reading time: 4 minutes to read

Discworld author Terry Pratchett died at home today, after almost a decade of struggle with a rare and especially embuggering variant Alzheimer’s disease called posterior cortical atrophy. As a memorial to one of the giants of modern fantasy, The Black Sword will attempt to compile a reasonably comprehensive set of resources about the late Mr. Pratchett and his works.

Personal Memories

I have to admit that I’m not as conversant with his work, particularly his Discworld books. I haven’t read most of them. The only ones I recall reading are some of the Rincewind books: The Colour of Magic and Sourcery. I enjoyed them, but other books and authors grabbed my attention.

I’m currently reading Night Watch, though the graphic below, by Krzysztof Kietzman from suggests I might have been better served by starting with Guards! Guards!.

Discworld reading order guide by Krzysztof Kietzman

As you can see, Night Watch is pretty far along. I blame Rowan Cota for mentioning it, but only a little.

Believe it or not, my first exposure to Discworld was the PlayStation port of the MS-DOS point-and-click adventure with voice acting by Monty Python’s Eric Idle and the Third Doctor, John Pertwee.

Discworld box art used at IGN: A History of Psygnosis in 12 Games

Years later I went looking for more work by Neil Gaiman after reading Sandman and American Gods, and came across a little novel he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett called Good Omens in which a bungling Satanist nun switches the Antichrist at birth with a normal human child. The baby Antichrist, named Adam by his unsuspecting parents ends up telling Heaven and Hell alike to sod off – which is absolutely metal.

Good Omens Kindle Edition cover on Amazon

It’s because of Good Omens that I cared enough to tweet when I heard of Pratchett’s death, and why I’m writing this post. I don’t think Death ever said this in any of Pratchett’s books, but I thought it would be his style.

Terry Pratchett’s official Twitter account had the following to say, as you may already know.

Media Coverage

PSJM Prints announced Terry’s death, and the following news outlets provided additional coverage:

Use this Google News link to get current news on the life and death of Terry Pratchett.

Articles by Terry Pratchett

The following are pieces by Terry Pratchett himself re-issued to mark his passing.


The following sites provide information on Terry Pratchett and his work.

Terry Pratchett: More Awesome Than I Realized

I might have read this before, but Terry Pratchett smelted his own iron, including some meteoric iron, and forged his own sword. That makes Pratchett metal.