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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

10 May 2018

Typographical Shenanigans, Part Deux

I’ve been monkeying around with the site’s typography yet again. I’ve adjusted line height, which should help with readability. We’ve also got drop caps now, and the first line of the first paragraph on a page or article now renders in bold. This should also improve readability.

04 May 2018

Typographical Shenanigans

I’ve been monkeying around with the site’s typography again. Font support has changed, and I’ve changed how paragraphs are rendered in articles.

If you check out yesterday’s Shattered Guardian session, you’ll see that all paragraphs after the first are indented until I throw in a header.

The next step is do this for non-blog pages. That’ll be more complicated, because structure is different, but I should be able to manage.

Also, the fancy web fonts I had added to make my site stand out from the pack are now only supported by the most modern browsers. If you’re visiting this site on IE, you’ll have to make do with whatever fonts you have installed locally (unless you’ve got Voltaire and Bitter installed).

Also, all absolute URLs should be protocol-relative and work whether you came to my site via HTTP (dangerous!) or HTTPS (safer).

If you don’t know what any of this means, don’t worry. I’m just trying to make this site better for you.

24 April 2018

Self-Hosted Fonts

Rather than settling for system standard fonts, I’ve chosen a set of fonts that I think would best display my site’s contents and self-hosted them. Initial loads might be a bit slower, but I think you’ll find that the initial performance hit is worth it. I’m using Voltaire for headings, Bitter for body text, and Cutive Mono for code samples and pre-formatted text. All are available from Google Fonts.

19 April 2018

No Rest for the Wicked

I should be in bed with my wife, but instead I’m working on this website and adding more content for you. I hope you appreciate it. I’ve got lots of free fiction for you: short stories and a couple of novels.

Some of it is still in rough shape, and there are some missing images. I know about them, and will fix them as time permits.

I’ve also got a shitload of old posts from 2016 and earlier that need to be converted.

And I’ll eventually want to dump everything I’ve posted to Google+ and put it up here so that it isn’t lost when Google finally does to their failed attempt at killing Facebook what they did to Google Reader.

And I’ve got to continue writing Shattered Guardian. you can read the draft as I add to it.

Most importantly, though, I’ve got to take care of my wife. She’s got breast cancer and needs me to keep my shit together.

Yeah, there ain’t no rest for the wicked.