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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

18 April 2018

Janelle Monáe: The ArchAndroid (2010)

I’m late to the party as usual, checking out Janelle Monáe concept album The ArchAndroid eight years after everybody else. I’m used to getting sci-fi concept albums in rock, but you know what? This works. I love how she’s reinterpreting Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and making it her own.

Covert art for "The Archandroid" (2010) by Janelle Monáe

27 March 2018

Demon: “The Plague” (1983)

If you’re into melodic or progressive metal, and you haven’t listened to The Plague, you’ve missed out.

23 January 2018

Advertisement: “Limited Liability”

Limited Liability” is the only story I’ve written that takes place after the events of my main Starbreaker sequence, and features Morgan from Without Bloodshed playing the the heavy.

It’s now free to read online.

09 December 2017

Yet Another Opening For Shattered Guardian

This is yet another beginning for Shattered Guardian that I originally wrote on Reddit a couple weeks ago.

29 February 2016

Catherine Lucille Moore: Queen of the Pulps

Women in speculative fiction don’t get much respect, and one of the great originals is all but forgotten. Catherine Lucille Moore deserves better.