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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

19 April 2018

Multics Lives!

trn at Lobsters recently announced the existence of public access Multics. Yes, that Multics. I wish this had been around a couple of years ago when I was writing my novel Silent Clarion in 2015. I had put my protagonist in the position of trying to crack a Multics installation. While Unix was ubiquitous in her setting, she had no experience with Multics. While I had used for research, reading a website is no substitute for firsthand experience.

30 January 2018

Tofugu on Japanese Web Design

Tofugu has an interesting article about Japanese Web Design and why it’s so different from US and European design. If you’ve ever been to a site, you’ll recognize these elements of the Japanese web aesthetic.

  • Lots and lots of tightly packed text
  • Tiny images
  • Three-column layouts (making this not look like utter shit was the “holy grail” of web design before smartphones ruined the web)
  • poor or minimal use of whitespace and padding
  • links are usually blue
  • it’s a fucking mess

You’ll want to read the article to understand why. There are legitimate reasons.

28 February 2016

I Played *The Legend of Legacy*. Avoid My Mistake.

I recently played the demo for a 3DS JRPG with a charmingly generic title, The Legend of Legacy. I won’t be buying it, and I don’t recommend that you buy it either unless you can get it for at least a 50% discount off its usual forty-dollar retail …