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07 August 2018


C. and I have been watching the second season of Glow. It’s a good show for dialogue, with lots of interplay between the women as well as the men exploiting them.

The guy directing “Glow” (the titular women’s wrestling cable TV show) is almost too easy to dismiss as an irredeemable misogynistic asshole, but in this season he occasionally shows moments of tenderness and introspection.

For example, he says to Ruth after a showing of one of his early films at a banned movies festival, “I don’t hate you. I’m just insecure and defensive.”

When he laments that he usually knows why a production has gone wrong, but can’t figure out why “Glow” is about to be cancelled, Ruth struggles with and eventually yields to the urge to confess that it might be her fault. As she did so, I cringed, expecting him to tear Ruth a new asshole for running away when the network president tried to force himself on her.

Instead, the first words out of his mouth are contemptuous, but not toward Ruth: “Fuck that guy.” The following morning, he takes a tire iron to the windshield of the network president’s BMW. A witness to the vandalism has nothing to say but, “That guy pisses off a lot of people. It could have been anybody.”

08 September 2017