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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

21 April 2018

Shattered Guardian Session 5

I wasn’t expecting to have Sabaoth playing silly buggers with a statue of Prometheus in the Adversaries’ Graveyard, but it works.

20 April 2018

Shattered Guardian Session 4

I was never happy with what I did in the last session, so I had to go back and fix it before I continued. This session went better.

19 April 2018

Shattered Guardian Session 3

I’m not really happy with my progress, but 344 words is better than nothing. I might have to rewrite some of this.

17 April 2018

Shattered Guardian Session 2

This session was a little better than the first, with 378 words down. Naomi’s cemetery visit has run into a little snag.

Shattered Guardian Session 1

At 362 words, this is a short Shattered Guardian Session, but you might find a surprise if you read it.

03 March 2018

Shattered Guardian, Episode 1: “Cemetery Gates”

I’m roughing out the first chapter of Shattered Guardian as a screenplay. Naomi Bradleigh learns that her lost love might yet be found, and she is not pleased.

30 January 2018

Ideas for the Plot of Shattered Guardian

I finally have a really good idea for how my next novel Shattered Guardian should go, but to explain it I have to provide details from previous works, so this post has lots of spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

26 January 2018

The Informed Consent of the Governed

This is some dialogue I will eventually work into one of my Starbreaker novels. Morgan and his friends know the truth about the Phoenix Society, and eventually decide that the secret must be revealed so that everybody governed by it can give informed consent.