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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

24 April 2018

Shattered Guardian Session 8

Back to Naomi, though this session didn’t go as well or last as long as I had hoped. I’ll just have to do better tomorrow. I was tempted to start earlier and bring in Cerberus again, but he didn’t really have anything relevant to say despite being a good dog.

23 April 2018

Shattered Guardian Session 7

Some more magic, and some characterization that should make readers wonder what exactly Isaac Magnin saw in Annelise Copeland.

Shattered Guardian Session 6

Time for a viewpoint shift. My plans for this scene called for Naomi to meet somebody presumed dead in Without Bloodshed, so it’s time to bring her onto the stage.

17 April 2018

A Line from Shattered Guardian

The lies we tell ourselves are the lies that define us.” I don’t think this came from a movie I’ve seen or a book I’ve read, so I decided to assume it’s original and use it in Shattered Guardian. It sounds like something Isaac Magnin would say.

03 March 2018

Shattered Guardian, Episode 1: “Cemetery Gates”

I’m roughing out the first chapter of Shattered Guardian as a screenplay. Naomi Bradleigh learns that her lost love might yet be found, and she is not pleased.

30 January 2018

An Asura’s Bargain

In Starbreaker, asura emulators like Morgan Stormrider are designed to kick demon’s asses. They just happen to be good at driving bargains with demons as well.

Ideas for the Plot of Shattered Guardian

I finally have a really good idea for how my next novel Shattered Guardian should go, but to explain it I have to provide details from previous works, so this post has lots of spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

16 January 2018

Advertisement: “The Milgram Battery”

Before Morgan Stormrider may take his oath as an Adversary he must prove himself by facing the Milgram Battery, a series of tests that will force him to choose between obeying his conscience and obeying authority.

The Milgram Battery” is now free to read online.