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07 June 2018

Larry Sanger and Geek Anti-Intellectualism

I had forgotten that Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger was writing about the possible rise of anti-intellectualism among geeks back in 2011.

Looking back seven years later, I suspect the answer to Sanger’s question is “hell yes”. If you want evidence, consider the following:

  • The rise of neo-reactionaries, the “dark enlightenment”, and the alt-right.
  • The seemingly prevalent opinion among techies that schools should only teach STEM subjects.
  • The growing acceptance of pseudoscientific bullshit among geeks like evolutionary psychology and scientific racism (under the guise of “human biodiversity”).

What’s the answer? I don’t know. I’m a geek and a college dropout who codes for a living and writes crappy sci-fi novels, so my opinion is probably worth fuck-all.

I would suggest that young geeks and techies be given a heavy liberal arts education focusing on history, literature, psychology, and sociology. It might give them some perspective to viewpoints they might not otherwise encounter if left on their own.