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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

05 June 2018

Talk is Cheap

Nat Friedman will be taking over as GitHub’s CEO once Microsoft’s acquisition goes through. He says he wants to earn developers’ trust. I’ve heard that one before, from a dude with better hair.

You could argue that I’m being unfairly cynical in my refusal to trust Nat Friedman and his stated intentions. However, Mr. Friedman has one problem: he’s Microsoft’s puppet CEO, and I remember Microsoft under Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. They stood trial on antitrust charges for a reason. As such, he is to GitHub what Vayne Solidor was to Dalmasca in Final Fantasy XII—and I know exactly how nerdy I’m being for making this comparison.

Regardless, I think it’s apt, and I will be looking for options that will allow me to migrate away from silos like GitHub this year. Self-hosting would be a lot easier if residential broadband wasn’t so restrictive about running servers, but maybe DreamHost will let me rent a VPS that will allow me to run my own git daemon and other goodies…