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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

09 December 2017

Yet Another Opening For Shattered Guardian

This is yet another beginning for Shattered Guardian that I originally wrote on Reddit a couple weeks ago.

28 February 2017

Carol Berg’s Transformation: Two Emotional Journeys in One

Never mind the cover. If you haven’t read Transformation, Carol Berg’s debut and the first Rai-Kirah novel, you’re missing out.

04 March 2016

P. F. Davids’ *Lesser Evil*: a solid freebie

Lesser Evil by P. F. Davids is a solid debut novel, with a few issues that prove the importance of a good editor.

29 February 2016

Catherine Lucille Moore: Queen of the Pulps

Women in speculative fiction don’t get much respect, and one of the great originals is all but forgotten. Catherine Lucille Moore deserves better.

28 February 2016

I Played *The Legend of Legacy*. Avoid My Mistake.

I recently played the demo for a 3DS JRPG with a charmingly generic title, The Legend of Legacy. I won’t be buying it, and I don’t recommend that you buy it either unless you can get it for at least a 50% discount off its usual forty-dollar retail …