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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

12 May 2018

Just Get Out of the Way, Ev

Ev Williams is an asshole. He has no compunction about shafting any writer or publisher naive enough to believe his promises. He’s King Midas as written by Ovid in a scatological frame of mind; everything he touches turns into shit. Blogger was never an option for bloggers who wanted to self-host, Twitter has always the men’s room wall of the internet, and Medium has never been anything but a content farm whose main exports are bad self-help and Silicon Valley techwank. If he’s serious about “fixing the Internet”, the smartest thing he could do is get out of the way. He won’t, of course, because he’s a rich techbro with legions of yes-people kissing his ass and encouraging his hubris — and he doesn’t even have to pay them.