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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

26 January 2018

The Informed Consent of the Governed

This is some dialogue I will eventually work into one of my Starbreaker novels. Morgan and his friends know the truth about the Phoenix Society, and eventually decide that the secret must be revealed so that everybody governed by it can give informed consent.

05 May 2017

Starbreaker Next, Chapter 1: “Take the Day” (Second Attempt)

This is my second attempt at opening Chapter 1 of the next Starbreaker novel.

04 May 2017

Starbreaker Next, Chapter 1: “World of Lines” - First Attempt

This is my first attempt at opening Chapter 1 of the next Starbreaker novel, where Claire is documenting real (to her) history on the down-low.

25 April 2017

Starbreaker Next: An Idea for an Opening Scene

Nobody is going to mistake me for John Carpenter any time soon…

20 April 2017

Claire as FemShep from Mass Effect 2: An Idea for Starbreaker

Or maybe I should just give up and call the next Starbreaker novel “Claire Ashecroft and the Workshop of the Telescopes”…

19 April 2017

A Question for Starbreaker Readers and Fans

If you’ve read Without Bloodshed or Silent Clarion, or even if you haven’t, I have a question for you about the future of my Starbreaker saga.