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I Always See Her

Posted on: 08/22/2017 · Estimated reading time: less than a minute to read

I haven’t listened to Sara Brightman’s La Luna album in years; it was packed away with the rest of my CD collection since 2009, but one of my little projects after moving in to my new house and creating a home office was ripping all of my old CDs.

One of those songs is called “He Doesn’t See Me”, a lament from a woman who loves a man who loves somebody else.

I often suspect my wife Catherine might have felt this way once or twice before we met, but if that’s the case she’s never told me so. In any case, I always see her. How could I not when she’s done and given so much to help me build the life we share together?

Photo by Matthew Graybosch

Catherine in Paris, at Angelina’s in the Army Museum (June 2017)