Orison by Daniel Swenson

less than a minute to read · books · posted at 5:49 PM on 03/04/2014

I’m halfway through Orison by Daniel Swensen, the first part of his Lotus Throne sequence. It’s a damn good epic fantasy debut.

And it would be nice if I could spell the man’s name right on the first attempt. It’s not like it wasn’t right on the cover.

About Orison

Story lives as a thief in the free city of Calushain, and has a plan to escape to better life. But when her stash of money is stolen by her brother, she finds herself faced with a death sentence from her crime lord boss.

Desperate to pay off her debt, she searches for a score big enough to earn her freedom. Instead, she finds the orison, a magical artifact that could tip the balance of power between the city and the Empire seeking to conquer it.

The power to change the world is now in the hands of a sneak thief — if it doesn’t kill her first.

About Daniel Swensen

Born and raised in the hinterlands of Montana, I grew up on a steady diet of Star Wars, Robert E. Howard, and cheap B-flicks. I’ve written everything from game books to cell phone ads to fiction of all genres. My first love will always be heroic, epic fantasy (or “traditional” fantasy, if you roll like that).