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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan.

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26 May 2018

Dark Souls Remastered

I’ve got a USB stick and a copy of Dark Souls Remastered. I’ll show you how to git gud by avoiding my mistakes.

07 February 2017

Can Fostering a Sporting Culture Fix Toxic Online Gaming

Video games might not be athletic events despite the rise of esports, but good sportsmanship might make better gamers.

07 March 2016

Galak-Z: Dimensional Space Truckin’

Let’s go space truckin’ in 17-BIT’s roguelike 80s sci-fi anime shoot-‘em-up Galak-Z: the Dimensional.

03 March 2016

Purple Prose and Fire Emblem Fates — Finding the Sweet Spot

What if purple prose, used in moderation, wasn’t the aesthetic atrocity that style fascists and writers even more pretentious than I am make it out to be?

28 February 2016

I Played *The Legend of Legacy*. Avoid My Mistake.

I recently played the demo for a 3DS JRPG with a charmingly generic title, The Legend of Legacy. I won’t be buying it, and I don’t recommend that you buy it either unless you can get it for at least a 50% discount off its usual forty-dollar retail …

16 January 2016

Is Handsome Jack a Misunderstood Hero?

I’ve been playing Borderlands: the Handsome Collection lately, and Handsome Jack is definitely one of my favorite gaming villains along with Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI and Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid IV: Grumpy Old Soldiers. Jack’s also my favorite sort of villain, an idealist who uses questionable methods because the end justifies the means.

Game Theory tackles Jack in this video, which is actually halfway decent.

Handsome Jack’s ultimate mistake, besides yielding to his paranoia and just casually murdering anybody who might be in a position to betray him (like the scientists who helped him liberate Helios Station), is a classic: he’s trying to impose order on Pandora and its people from above in the most literal sense possible given that he oversees events on both Pandora and its moon Elpis from a Hyperion (which means “watcher from above”) space station.

When you impose order from on high, you only escalate chaos. Order must arise out of chaos if its to have any hope of enduring.

One could even argue that Handsome Jack is the embodiment of the Law of Eristic Escalation, a fundamental Discordian concept.