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This is my blog, named for an old New York Lottery marketing slogan: "All you need is a dollar and a dream."

20 April 2018

The Eye of Sauron is Real

No discussion of surveillance capitalism is complete without a mention of Peter Thiel’s data mining/analysis corporation Palantir. I suspect he wanted to call it “Sauron”, but somebody took him aside and told him that was too obvious. If you think Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are bad, you have no idea how creepy Silicon Valley can get.

Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate from his office at Palantir.

19 April 2018

This is Why I Call Them “Clownflare”

Cloudflare has reportedly banned Switter a Mastodon instance for adult sex workers based in Austria to cover their asses after the passage of SESTA/FOSTA. That most-likely unconstitutional law is more legal justification than they had for banning the Daily Stormer, but since Switter and the Daily Stormer are the only prominent two websites Cloudflare has banned, it kinda looks like they can’t distinguish between sex workers and fucking Nazis. That’s why I call these guys “Clownflare”.

01 March 2018

Oh, no! Americans have Discovered Refurbished Phones!

Are we supposed to care when planned obsolescence bends CEOs over their mahogany desks and sodomizes them without lube?

02 February 2018

Business As Usual at the FBI

According to a recent memo, the FBI has abused its surveillance powers. As if that wasn’t business as usual. Republicans are just pissy because for once they’re the target.

17 January 2018

Metalheads Do Gatekeeping, Too. It Still Sucks.

Unfortunately, metalheads aren’t immune to the tendency toward gatekeeping one finds in too many other fandoms. We even enshrine it in song with lyrics like Manowar’s “wimps and posers, leave the hall!”

14 January 2018

TIL: 1 in 8 new adults in Japan are not Japanese

Out of every eight young women celebrating the traditional coming-of-age in Japan, one is not counted as Japanese. They are neither of the tribe nor citizens.

23 February 2017

Google Thinks They Can Fix Online Comments with an API? LOL

Google’s “Perspective” is just another high-tech band-aid for a diseased society.

08 February 2017

Resistance Is Not a Game, Dammit

I might not be out in the streets protesting the Republican regime, but I won’t tell the people who are that they’re wasting their time. That sort of talk only helps the bastards keep us down.