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Starship’s Cat
DIY Typesetting and Document Processing with groff and mom Hell No
Larry Sanger and Geek Anti-Intellectualism
Talk is Cheap
High Bars
Dark Souls Remastered
Artificial Solidarity
Thoughts on Copyright
Party Like It’s 1999
Asimov’s Laws of Robotics Design
Meet the Cast: Josefine Malmgren
Facebook Influencers are Dumb Fucks
Just Get Out of the Way, Ev
I Found Some Mastodon Users’ Blogs
Typographical Shenanigans, Part Deux
Fuck You. Pay Me.
The Stars Are Right Again
Shattered Guardian Session 12
Avengers: Infinity War - I Liked it Better as Final Fantasy IV
Shattered Guardian Session 11
Typographical Shenanigans
Shattered Guardian Session 10
A Ghost Story
Shattered Guardian Session 9
The Shape of Water
Nick Macario of is a sexist asshole.
Stress Testing
An Open Letter to All Incel Assholes
Shattered Guardian Session 8
VuuR - In This Moment We Are Free - Cities (2017)
Self-Hosted Fonts
Maybe They Should Try Looking in Antarctica?
Mentioning Tikal leads to Accidental Worldbuilding
Shattered Guardian Session 7
Shattered Guardian Session 6
Shattered Guardian Session 5
Using Think Penguin’s Wireless N USB Adapter on OpenBSD
The Eye of Sauron is Real
Shattered Guardian Session 4
Shattered Guardian Session 3
This is Why I Call Them “Clownflare”
Multics Lives!
No Rest for the Wicked
Fuck Breast Cancer
Janelle Monáe: The ArchAndroid (2010)
Shattered Guardian Session 2
Does Anybody Else Remember the OLPC?
Shattered Guardian Session 1
A Line from Shattered Guardian
A Quick Advertisement
Goodbye, YouTube
Kobra and the Lotus: “Let Me Love You” (2018)
Ghost: “Rats” (2018)
Replace JavaScript? Yeah, right.
The Web Sucks Because of Web Developers
When You Want It Done Your Way
YouTube Must Be Destroyed
Demon: “The Plague” (1983)
CSS Frameworks Considered Harmful
Judas Priest: “Firepower” (2018)
How to Enable Grayscale Mode on Android Smartphones
The 30 Day Song Challenge
Shattered Guardian, Episode 1: “Cemetery Gates”
Oh, no! Americans have Discovered Refurbished Phones!
I’ve Got My Work Cut Out For Me
Cooking: Brown Rice Done Right
Recruiter Abuse: Onward Search
Goodbye, WTPA. Hello, WRTI.
Business As Usual at the FBI
An Asura’s Bargain
Tofugu on Japanese Web Design
Ideas for the Plot of Shattered Guardian
Every Starship is a Lady
The Informed Consent of the Governed
Elder - Reflections of a Floating World
Advertisement: “Limited Liability”
Dead Women, Angry Men, Toxic Masculinity, and Jung
Imagining a World Without Jobs
St. Judas Iscariot, Patron Saint of Traitors?
Leaving the Cult; or, Getting Free of Toxic Tech Culture
Metalheads Do Gatekeeping, Too. It Still Sucks.
Does Anybody Actually Use Desktop Linux?” I Did.
Advertisement: “The Milgram Battery”
TIL: 1 in 8 new adults in Japan are not Japanese
The BNR Metal Pages
New Start for a New Year. Help Wanted.
Yet Another Opening For Shattered Guardian
Corporate Monopolies Considered Harmful
White Identity Considered Harmful
Your Dog Will Never Be This Cute
Mid-September Update (Small Dark Lines)
Smartphones vs Personal Computers
Assorted Random Updates
I Always See Her
An Essential Prog Rock Playlist
Travel: Bookinistas, Being a Good Guest, and Notre Dame de Paris
Starbreaker Next, Chapter 1: “Take the Day” (Second Attempt)
Starbreaker Next, Chapter 1: “World of Lines” - First Attempt
Starbreaker Next: An Idea for an Opening Scene
Claire as FemShep from Mass Effect 2: An Idea for Starbreaker
A Question for Starbreaker Readers and Fans
Paper Books vs Ebooks: Both Have Their Uses
Why I Try to Read Obscure or Unpopular Books
The Parable of the Blind Swordfighter
Carol Berg’s Transformation: Two Emotional Journeys in One
Theme and Variations; or, Why You Won’t Find Me on Tinder
Google Thinks They Can Fix Online Comments with an API? LOL
Classical Taste: A Love Story; Or, Nobody Knows You’re a Cat on the Internet
In Memoriam: Katy Sozaeva (1970-2016)
Who Is John Galt?
Atlas Refactored: On the Perils of Carrying Software Development Teams
Where is the Payoff in Writing?
Finding Pieces of Myself in a Storage Unit
Resistance Is Not a Game, Dammit
Can Fostering a Sporting Culture Fix Toxic Online Gaming
I Became a Programmer to Avoid Grunt Work, Dammit
Creating a System Serif Font Stack for Web Development
Movie Night on the Graveyard Shift
Ellis Morning Delivers with *Blood’s Force*
SMBC Explains Why Office Life Sucks
Galak-Z: Dimensional Space Truckin’
P. F. Davids’ *Lesser Evil*: a solid freebie
Purple Prose and Fire Emblem Fates — Finding the Sweet Spot
Reading *The Black Company*: Chapter 1: LEGATE, Scene 1”
The Night Flight Orchestra is a Blast from the Past
Introducing *The Black Company* by Glen Cook
Catherine Lucille Moore: Queen of the Pulps
I Played *The Legend of Legacy*. Avoid My Mistake.
Fated by Jasmine Walls and Amy Philips
Hedy Lamarr — Actress, Inventor… and Indie Band?
Journey to the Stars with music by Widek
Blackened Phoenix, Chapter 3: Walk in the Shadows (Scene 2)
Playing Paul Kantner’s *Blows Against the Empire*
Why Galneryus is the Best Power Metal Band You’ve Probably Never Listened To
Evershine: *Renewal* (2012)
Blackened Phoenix, Chapter 3: Walk in the Shadows (Scene 1)
Touch The Fishy?
Queensrÿche: Condition Hüman (2015)
Is Handsome Jack a Misunderstood Hero?
Vamp Shift
Blackened Phoenix, Chapter 2: Between Knowledge and Belief (Scene 2)
Blackened Phoenix, Chapter 2: Between Knowledge and Belief (Scene 3)
Blackened Phoenix, Chapter 2: Between Knowledge and Belief (Scene 1)