Don’t Panic

If you’re visiting this site after my latest update, you’re probably wondering where everything went. Likewise if your search engine directed you to a particular post and you got a 404 instead of the article, outtake, or rant you expected.

Don’t panic. I haven’t been hacked. I still have all of that old material.

But I’ve chosen to strip my website down to bare bones, and pull down all of my old content. I’m turning forty this month, and a brand new website without any need to migrate old content is the closest a man like me can get to a fresh start without changing jobs, getting a divorce, and buying an expensive sports car.

This will eventually work out in your favor as well. On the old website, I was trying to post everything that mattered to me on the same blog, whether it was about my Starbreaker science fantasy project, OpenBSD as a desktop OS, a new metal or synthwave album I discovered, pseudo-intellectual ramblings, or just rants about current events.

All of that will go to separate websites now. This main website will be a chill, low key landing site with occasional updates where I can present a business casual face to the world.

For anybody interested, I’ve build this new site using a customized version of a shell script Roman Zolotarev created for his own use and was generous enough to offer to the public.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me or hit me up on Mastodon.