Back to Naomi, though this session didn’t go as well or last as long as I had hoped. I’ll just have to do better tomorrow. I was tempted to start earlier and bring in Cerberus again, but he didn’t really have anything relevant to say despite being a good dog.

Don’t forget that you can read the full draft if you haven’t seen what already happened.

Queens - Naomi Bradleigh

After enduring a lecture on the respect due the dead from Cerberus, Naomi followed the daemon’s guidance deeper into the Adversaries’ graveyard to find a plot set apart from the others by a circle of carpet roses. Two newly planted saplings flanked a hunk of basalt thrice the size of other Adversaries’ grave markers, and bore the following inscription.

Morgan Stormrider
2082 - 2113
2100 - 2112
Weapon by design. Human by choice.

Below this, the memorialist responsible for this stone had carved the majority of the Crowley’s Thoth discography. It began with the first album Morgan and Naomi had written together, Prometheus Unbound, and ended with their most recent rock opera The Stars My Destination.

The grass in front of the grave was littered with bouquets of flowers whose scent fought a desperate rearguard action against the reek of cheap whiskey somebody had poured out on the ground. Somebody had left an autographed copy of the long out-of-print Prometheus Hits the Road double live album, as if Morgan might have needed it.

Salt burned Naomi’s eyes in a flash flood of tears, and she dropped the roses she had meant to place before Morgan’s grave. “You bastard. You just had to play the hero.”