I like static site generators. I like the idea of taking some components, adding my own code and markup, and having the result crank out a website from content files.

Unfortunately, Jekyll is a pain in the ass to get working on OpenBSD, whereas Pelican is as easy as doas pkg_add -iv pelican py3-pip and then pip3.6 install jinja (you need Jinja 2.10, but AFAIK the OpenBSD port instals 2.8).

There’s just one problem with Pelican: the themes are terrible. At least, I think so.

However, open source isn’t Burger King. You can’t always expect to have it your way. Sometimes you need to do it yourself.

So that’s what I did. I built my own theme for Pelican, inspired by this website and this other website. I also drew upon this guy’s take, because why not?

You’re reading this post on the result of my work and pillaging of others’ designs. Better still, because I wanted something I could use to spin up other websites relatively quickly, you can use it yourself.

That’s right. Anybody who wants to is welcome to use my “Oedipus” theme. Clone or fork the repository, customize it, and have fun. Just keep in mind that the documentation’s a bit rough because it’s one of those “scratch your own itch” projects. Your best bet is to go through the files yourself, open them in a text editor, and figure out how how everything works.

However, if you have any questions you can ask me on Mastodon or file an issue.