Pennsylvania recently lost one of the last local radio station worth listening to, WTPA. It had too many ads, but when they played music they played good stuff: classic and recent hard rock and heavy metal.

I don’t listen to FM radio often, but when I did this was my go-to station. At least, it used to be. I found out that they’ve sold out to Educational Media Foundation, and have since switched to a “Christian adult contemporary” format.

Must I Do Everything Myself?!

As if there aren’t enough Christian stations on the air already. First all the classical music stations seem to go offline, and now I can’t find a decent radio station for metalheads? It’s almost as if the world is daring me to get into pirate radio…

Well, no. I’ll be a good metalhead and get my FCC license. That way I can call my station WPRV: Privateer Radio (pirate radio with a license to thrill).

Update: 12 February 2018

I was wrong about there not being any classical music or jazz radio stations in my area. While fiddling with the radio dial in my car I happened upon WRTI, a network of stations run by Temple University. On weekdays WRTI broadcasts classical music from six in the morning to six at night, whereupon they break out the jazz.

Even better, they have streaming options in the form of Android and iOS apps as well as streams that, with a bit of fiddling, I can access from a Unix command line using the mpg123 tool.