I’m probably a jerk for not saying something sooner, but I’m sorry to know that indie book blogger Katy Sozaeva lost her struggle against cancer. 2016 claimed far too many musicians that I grew up listening to with my father, but Ms. Sozaeva’s death strikes a little closer to home.

I never met Ms. Sozaeva in person, and thus never had the opportunity to properly thank her for her kindness toward me. She was one of the first to review my first novel Without Bloodshed way back in 2013. She was one of the first to publicly rave about it, and therefore one of my first fans.

I probably should have been more supportive toward her in her fight beyond offering her kind words when I saw her on social media, but it’s too late now.

To Katy’s friends and family, I offer my condolences. I’m honored that Katy not only read my first novel, but enjoyed it so.

Tribute to Katy Sozaeva

According to Weston Kincade (author of A Life of Death, The Priors, and Strange Circumstances), the owner of Cabin Goddess is compiling material from everybody who knew Ms. Sozaeva to celebrate her life and ensure her memory lives on. You can find details on Kincade’s blog at “Celebrating Her Life, Katy Sozaeva”.