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While I’m lucky to have a fairly cushy day job that leaves me with enough free time to write books as well as articles, stories, and blog posts for this website, being able to quit my day job would give me more time to create more content for you to read. Here are some options.

Buy My Books

If you live in the US, UK, Western Europe, Australia, Japan, or other territories served by, you can buy Kindle and paperback editions of my novels and anthologies including my stories from

You can also request paperback editions of my books from your local Barnes & Noble or at your favorite independent bookseller.

Buy them for yourself. Or buy them for friends and family who like sci-fi. Hell, you can buy them to inflict on your enemies if you think it will annoy or offend them. :cat:

Encourage Others to Buy My Books

You don’t have to buy my books yourself, you know. You could always encourage others to do so. Likewise, if you bought my books and enjoyed them, I’d love it if you told your friends. (Said every author ever…)

Review My Books

This ties into the last option to some extent. If you’ve bought one of my books on Amazon, please take five minutes to rate and review it. It doesn’t have to be the sort of long, detailed review you’d find in the New York Times. A couple of sentences about what you liked or didn’t like is fine.

This applies even if you didn’t like the book; while I’d prefer three stars and up, I’m an adult and I can take the occasional one star or two star review.

If you have a blog, or work for a site that reviews books, please ask my publisher for review copies. If you do publish a review, please let me know so I can link to it. :)

Send a Donation

If you just want to give me money, I won’t say no. No indeed. Also, if you downloaded a pirate copy of my books, here’s a chance for you to pay what you can.

I take Paypal and Square Cash, whichever is more convenient for you.

Send Square Cash Send PayPal

Share My Stuff

Every post, article, and story on this site can be shared on your favorite social network. You’re also welcome to link to from your own blog posts.