This site is basically my soapbox and an advertisement for me and my work. It’s built using the Minimal Mistakes kit by Michael Rose with tweaks by yours truly.

I purchased the domain around 2011, and have run various versions of a website using CMS tools like WordPress and Ghost. At one point I even had the domain pointing to Squarespace, and had built a pretty snazzy site – only to find out that their UI for writing blog posts left much to be desired.

Rather than continue to use blogging software that stuffs everything into a database and forces me to use shitty browser-based editors to write, I’m using Jekyll. It lets me store my content as Markdown-formatted plain text.

Most of the images I use live on Imgur. All the code and text for this site lives on Github. I use Travis CI for automatic builds. I’ve been testing the site on Surge. I might move my domain over instead of going back to Dreamhost.

Is this shit complicated for a writer? Yeah. Good thing I’m not just a writer. Sure, I could just blog on Medium, but I’d rather have a site of my own. If you’d like a site like this one, get in touch.

(This page was last updated on 2 December 2016.)