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This site is basically my soapbox and an advertisement for me and my work. It’s custom built by yours truly using Emacs with design originally inspired by a better motherfucking website than this one. Not only is it designed to be responsive and work on all devices, but it should be accessible for those using assistive technologies as well.

I purchased the domain around 2011, and have run various versions of a website using CMS tools like WordPress and Ghost. At one point I even had the domain pointing to Squarespace, and had built a pretty snazzy site – only to find out that their UI for writing blog posts left much to be desired.

Rather than continue to use blogging software that stuffs everything into a database and forces me to use shitty browser-based editors to write, I’m using Jekyll. It lets me store my content as Markdown-formatted plain text.

All the code and text for this site lives on Github. I use Travis CI for automatic builds. The site’s hosted by Dreamhost, and uses Facebook comments.

Is this shit complicated for a writer? Yeah. Good thing I’m not just a writer. Sure, I could just blog on Medium, but I’d rather have a site of my own. If you’d like a site like this one, get in touch. If you pay me enough, I might even build one for you.

(This page was last updated on 18 July 2017.)