Matthew Graybosch

“All you need is a day job and a dream...”

About Me

If you want to know more about the guy running this website, here’s the deal…


I’m just another guy with a day job and a dream, a long-haired metalhead with delusions of erudition who writes scifi/fantasy/heavy metal pastiches and codes for a living.

Photo of Matthew Graybosch by Catherine Gatt

I’m the author of several novels, among them Starbreaker, Without Bloodshed, and Silent Clarion. I’ve also written short stories like The Milgram Battery and Limited Liability. I’m currently working on a new novel tentatively titled When You Don’t See Me.

My day job involves software development using Microsoft tech and JavaScript (for my sins) at a large consultancy. At home, I prefer to use free and open-source software.

I currently live in the eastern United States with my wife and cats. I’m entirely too fond of loud music, spicy food, terrible jokes, obscure allusions, and melodrama for anybody’s good—least of all my own.

Personal Tech

I use old computers. My desktop PC was manufactured in 2012 and my laptop in 2007; both are secondhand machines that I upgraded myself. I run OpenBSD on my PC and use it to write, listen to music, and work on this website. Here’s a screenshot.

a screenshot of Matthew's OpenBSD desktop

If you care about text editors: I use emacs for composition and vi for revision. When I’m feeling especially masochistic, I use ed.


preferred: they/them/their
accepted: he/him/his


Attribute Score
Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

Note: weak vs. fire/lightning, strong vs. cold/wind, nullifies holy, and reflects dark


This is the short version. I’ve omitted the name of my current employer for discretion’s sake. Emails from tech recruiters will be summarily deleted.

Company Tenure
a large US consultancy firm 2015-present
TEKsystems 2011-2015
Computer Aid, Inc. 2010-2011
Conduit Internet Technologies   2009-2010
Quality Data Service, Inc. 2000-2009