Matthew Graybosch
a cynical idealist, sf author, and full-stack developer

The Obligatory About Page

This is my personal website. If you remember me from Google+, please bookmark it and send me an email to say hello. If you don't see any updates in a while and are worried about me, you'll find contact information below.

More About Me

I’m just another working-class schmuck with a day job and a dream, a long-haired metalhead with delusions of erudition who writes science fantasy and codes for a living.

I’ve written several novels and short stories, all of which are part of my Starbreaker saga. My day job involves software development using Microsoft tech and JavaScript (for my sins) at a large consultancy. At home, I prefer to use free and open-source software.

I currently live in Central Pennsylvania with my wife and cats. I’m entirely too fond of loud music, spicy food, terrible jokes, obscure allusions, and melodrama for anybody’s good, least of all my own.

Photo by Catherine Gatt, 2007
Photo by Catherine Gatt, 2007

Technical Info

If you do web development or run your own site, you might be interested in knowing a bit more about how my site is built.

  • I write all of the content in Emacs on second-hand machines running Slackware or OpenBSD.
  • This site is built with Jekyll.
  • This site’s design is a customized version of a Jekyll theme by Bradley Taunt.
  • This site’s Git repository lives on Sourcehut, where it gets rebuilt and deployed on every commit.
  • This site has been hosted by Dreamhost since 2010.

If I weren’t trying to be less pretentious, I’d call this part a “colophon”.


Everything I write on this website and elsewhere on the internet is strictly my own opinion unless otherwise noted. Nothing I write should be taken as representing the opinions or viewpoints of my employer(s).

Contact Info

Have questions or suggestions? Email me.

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