It Really Is All About Me

Sorry about the title. I honestly couldn’t resist, and my wife wasn’t around to stop me.

I’m Matthew Graybosch, mainly from Sayville, NY. I’m a long-haired metalhead, an incorrigible nerd, and a hardcore casual gamer. I currently live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with my wife Catherine, my cats, and my delusions of erudition.

After graduating from high school in 1996 I realized I’d never be the musician I wanted to be and took up writing while learning how to code so I could earn a living. I dropped out of college in 1999, got a programming job, and kept writing the first few chapters of Starbreaker over and over again because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

I met my wife Catherine in 2000, courted her long-distance for four years, and married her on Halloween in 2004. That means I have no excuse whatsofuckingever for forgetting our wedding anniversary.

I finished a first draft of Starbreaker in 2009, but some self-inflicted difficulties related by my day job kept me from returning to work on a rewrite until 2011, where I built a small following on Google+ and caught the attention of Curiosity Quills Press by posting bits and pieces of my second draft as I wrote it.

I still work as a software developer. Everything I say on this website is my own opinion, and doesn’t represent any of my employers or their views or positions.

If you’re wondering how I manage to stay sane as an author and a programmer, you can stop now. I’m not sane. I’m just high-functioning.

And here’s a photo of me about to summon Gozer.

A photo of Matthew Graybosch in NYC

Photograph by Catherine Gatt

About This Photo

If you read my books or follow me online you’ve seen this photo of me before. My wife Catherine took this photo about ten years ago when we visited Top of the Rock, the observation deck atop Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

My publishers insisted on using it because my smirk, the clouds behind me, and the Empire State Building in the background supposedly make me look like one of the sorcerers in my Starbreaker stories. Though I’d like to think my magicians have better fashion sense.

More Information

What else did you want to know? Were you looking for information about how this site is built and how it works? An explanation as to why I bother maintaining a website and blog when social media seems poised to eat te Web? How about a manifesto?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.